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Twisted Sisters Bootcamp started when two fitness-loving sisters decided to go beyond personal training and share their wealth of health, exercise and nutritional knowledge with the world.  Our name came from years of clients, customers and past bootcampers telling us repeatedly what completely relentless, insane and twisted trainers we were...which we, of course, took as compliments!   
Twisted Sisters Bootcamp combines running, plyometrics, kettlebells, dumbbells, tractor tires, medicine balls, circuit training, high intensity interval training and basic movements to increase your overall strength, stamina, flexibility, power, speed, agility, balance, coordination and physical health.  We will combine functional strength training movements with cardiovascular exercise for the ULTIMATE total body workout! The workouts are designed to challenge any body type and fitness level. We supply all equipment, the only thing you need to bring is a yoga mat and water.  You will also be provided nutritional information that will change your views about the toxins you are putting into your body and a six week meal plan that will teach you how to fuel your body the right way and get you started on the path to eating clean!
No fancy machines to learn, no crowded parking lots, no intimidation. Just real women all working towards the common goal of getting in great shape, feeling and looking great, and having fun while doing it!
Look around our website and if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact us.
Thanks for visiting, we hope to see you again! Check back often for updates to new class dates and times! There's much more to come!
Brandi and Lyndsay
Your Favorite Twisted Sisters

The TSBC End of Summer Challenge is here and enrollment is open to everyone! New recipe book! New meal options! New goals to crush! 
Time to REFOCUS!

ENROLLMENT DATES: 8/12/15 - 8/19/15
CHALLENGE DATES: 8/24/15 - 9/22/15 (30 days)
Option 1A & 1B: $50
Option 2: $30

-A customized 30-day meal plan tailored to your specific goals, allergies, likes/dislikes. Based off of your daily macro (calories, carbs, protein, & fat) needs. Each day consists of 18 different meal options (3 options/meal, 6 meals/day) for the 30 days
-A NEW TSBC Summer 2015 Recipe Book complete with 50 breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack options AND ALL NUTRITIONAL FACTS ON EACH RECIPE
-Supplement guide to help reach your goals

-Custom macro information TAILORED to YOUR goals. The exact daily calories, fat, carbs, fiber & protein you need to shed fat
-Nutritional guide covering keeping track of macros, pre/post workout meal timing & examples, sample food/grocery list, supplement recommendations/purpose, meal prep/importance of staying on track & tons more!  
-A NEW TSBC Summer 2015 Recipe Book complete with 50 breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack options AND ALL NUTRITIONAL FACTS ON EACH RECIPE
-A detailed "Not Allowed" Food Listing

**Does NOT include custom macro information OR meal plan**
-Nutritional guide (see details above)
-A detailed "Not Allowed" Food Listing
-A NEW TSBC Summer 2015 Recipe Book complete with 50 breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack options AND ALL NUTRITIONAL FACTS ON EACH RECIPE

What we are looking for with the Clean Eating Challenge- 
No processed food 
No soda (diet or regular) 
No energy drinks 
No sugar 
No alcohol 
No candy 
No pastries 
No artificial sweeteners 
No soy 
No shit 
You do not have to eat strict paleo, organic, etc. We want to focus on the basics of weeding out processed foods and eating clean. But, if you are able to eat all organic, even better.

ALL Options come with: 
-Daily Food Log w/TSBC Trainer oversight & full support for the duration of challenge
-18 NEW Gym/At-Home workouts 
*Once purchased, email us the following at:

-Age, Height, Weight
-Natural Waist & Hip Measurements
-Front, Back & side profile photos (Trainer can take these if current member)
-Option purchased (1A, 1B, or 2) 
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